Thursday, 30th @ 8pm

Friday, 31st @ 8pm


Saturday, 1st @ 2pm & 8pm

Sunday, 2nd @ 2pm

Edna’s Room

(Pat The Dog)

159 Frederick St, Kitchener, ON


Director: Matt White (Greenlight Arts)
Writer: Isaac Mulè
Movement Choreographed by: Jeff Fox






We are excited to announce our first feature-length production, There Are No Gays In Chechnya. This will be a workshopped presentation which will include a full reading of the script, some movement work, and a talk-back with the creative team.

Plot Details:

Through scripted dialogue and movement theatre, we follow four friends, Joseph, Alexei, Sofia, and Daryia as they work together to avoid being outed and escape the gay purge sweeping across Chechnya. Questions begin to rise around who they can trust, and where they are going. However, they must decide quickly as they are running out of time.

This project asks why the world did not respond as quickly to this event as it did to others (the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the gas attack by Assad in Syria), and why has it taken over two years for any official condemnation from world leaders?

This project aims to give voice to those currently being persecuted, and to those who have been killed by the purge in Chechnya. We want to highlight the continued need for education and advocacy for Queer rights around the world. 

NOTE: There are LIMITED tickets per reading! Please purchase in advance.